MSRJ Inter-Campus Outing

MSRJ staff from all campuses and all classes got together for an evening of fun!



We, at the MSRJ, are very proud of the fact that we have staff members representing us at several of MSU College of Human Medicine’s campuses, including Lansing, Flint, Grand Rapids, and Traverse City. This has allowed us to get more people involved in the journal by reaching more members of our school as well as having access to a diverse selection of faculty. However, as more members are added to our staff every year, this can lead to not all of our members knowing each other.

Recently, executive staff decided to fix this by hosting a staff outing in East Lansing. The idea was a success! Members from Lansing, Flint, and Grand Rapids were in attendance as well representatives from each medical school class. We even had a few elective members join the outing and were able to get to know some of our soon-to-be staff members. Members were able to talk to fellow staff that they had only emailed with, but never met, and make our staff interactions much more personal. As much as we all enjoy working hard to publish medical students’ excellent submissions, everyone was excited to be able to take a break and work on team-building and staff relations. We will continue to host various events for our members across campuses to foster these relationships.