Become a Reviewer

Thank you for your interest in becoming a reviewer for the Medical Student Research Journal (MSRJ)!

Students enrolled in an accredited medical college (verified by letter from dean’s department) may apply to become a reviewer for the journal. The prospective reviewers will complete a concise training, including lectures, handouts on the process and background, and a mock review that will be graded by our editors. After finishing the MSRJ training, the students will then be a reviewer for the journal.



Online Student Reviewer Training

This online training program has been designed and created by the Annals of Emergency Medicine and retrofitted to include interaction with the MSRJ online review system. This will allow reviewers a great opportunity to familiarize themselves with the process of reviewing for the MSRJ and the important concepts of peer review. Please read through the instructions carefully and completely to ensure timely processing of your application. To complete this training please:

  1. Watch the following two lectures on Annals of Emergency Medicine training module here. Click “Start” in the bottom right, then click “Listen to the lectures”
    • Critical Appraisal: How to Read a Paper for Review
    • How to Write Your Peer Review
    • Training Lectures
  2. Browse the examples of high and low quality peer reviews for the sample manuscript here. Click “Start” in the bottom right, then click “Examples of good and bad reviews”
  3. After watching the lectures and browsing the examples, take our short quiz. After completing the quiz, create an account on the MSRJ Submission Site using the format FirstName-LastName (e.g. “John-Smith”). Sign up as an Author for now. We will register you as a Reviewer later. Then email us here with the subject line “Reviewer Quiz Completed”.
  4. Request a Letter of Good Standing from the Dean’s Office or Office of Academic Affairs of your medical college stating that you are both currently enrolled and in good standing. You will be asked to submit this document before receiving submitted articles.
  5. You will then be assigned the training article. Download the manuscript, read and critically evaluate the article, and put the skills you learns from the lectures to use. You can view this training tutorial on how to submit a review. After you have submitted your review, email the editor that assigned it and ask for feedback. After receiving feedback, you can then become a verified MSRJ reviewer and will begin to receive requests for article reviews.



Special appreciation for the use of the Annals of Emergency Medicine reviewer training module. Their dedication to training reviewers and members of the scientific community should be commended!


Last Update: JCM 12-29-14