Aerococcus Viridans

Aerococcus Viridans Infectious Endocarditis Complicated by Splenic Infarction

Author: Joshua Budhu M.S, Dorian Wood B.S, Marvin Crawford M.D, Khuram Ashraf M.D, Frederick Doamekpor M.D, Olufunke Akinbobuyi M.D

Author Affiliations: Morehouse School of Medicine, GA, USA

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Corresponding Author: Joshua Budhu,

Key Words: splenic infarct, infectious endocarditis, aercoccus viridans, HIV, immunocompromised, hemodialysis


In this case report we discuss splenic infarction as a presentation for infectious endocarditis. While not unheard of, splenic infarctions are usually incidental findings and are not usually used to diagnose infectious endocarditis. Since our patient was on hemodialysis, had AIDS and blood cultures tested positive for Aerococcus viridans and Streptococcus parasanguis, we propose that atypical presentations of IE should be considered in immunocompromised patients.


Published on date: September, 2017

DOI: 10.15404/msrj/07.2017.0002

Citation: : Budhu, J., Wood, D., Crawford, M., Ashraf, K., Doamekpor, F., & Akinbobuyi, O. Aerococcus Viridans Infectious Endocarditis Complicated by Splenic Infarction, Medical Student Research Journal (2017). doi:10.15404/msrj/07.2017.0002


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