Winter 2015 – In Situ Thrombosis of the Pulmonary Arteries: An Emerging New Perspective on Pulmonary Embolism

In Situ Thrombosis of the Pulmonary Arteries: An Emerging New Perspective on Pulmonary Embolism

Author: Virginia Corbett1, Houria Hassouna2, Reda Girgis3

Author Affiliations:

1College of Human Medicine, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI, USA

2Division of Thrombosis, Department of Internal Medicine, College of Human Medicine, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI, USA

3Department of Pulmonary Medicine, College of Human Medicine, Michigan State University, Grand Rapids, MI, USA

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Corresponding Author: Virginia Corbett, corbettv[at]

Key Words: pulmonary embolism; in situ pulmonary artery thrombosis; deep vein thrombosis (DVT); pulmonary circulation; Virchow’s triad

Abstract: The annual incidence of pulmonary embolism(PE) in the United States is reported to be 0.69 per1,000 persons with mortality of up to 30% depending upon the size of the emboli.1 PE and deep venous thrombosis (DVT) are both considered manifestations ofthe same disease of venous thromboembolism. Virchowpostulated that dysfunction of vessel walls, alternationsin blood flow and hypercoagulability of theblood triggered inappropriate thrombus formation.2 DVT most commonly occurs as local clot formation in the deep calf veins. PE arises when clots break off from a peripheral DVT and become lodged within the pulmonary arterial vasculature. PE is routinely diagnosed when filling defects are found in the pulmonary arteries on computed tomography angiogram (CTA). Among the general population of patients presenting to emergency rooms, absence of DVT may occur in up to 57% of those diagnosed with PE.3 A high prevalence of isolated PE may suggest localized thrombus formation in the pulmonary arteries instead of embolization from peripheral clots.

Published on date: January 1, 2015

Senior Editor: Kailyne Van Stavern

Junior Editor: Garrett Roe

DOI: Pending

Citation: Corbett V. Hassouna H. Girgis R. In Situ Thrombosis of the Pulmonary Arteries: An Emerging New Perspective on Pulmonary Embolism . Medical Student Research Journal. 2015;4(Winter):54-8.


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