Winter 2015 – Letter from the Editors

Letter From the Editors.

Author: Jessica L Wummel1, Jack C Mettler2

Author Affiliations: 1College of Human Medicine, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI, USA, 2College of Human Medicine, Michigan State University, Flint, MI, USA

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Corresponding Author: Jessica L Wummel; Jessica[at], Jack C Mettler; Jack[at]

Key Words: N/A

Abstract: The editors of MSRJ are excited to announce our Winter 2015 issue. As always, we were incredibly impressed by the caliber of submissions. This issue includes interesting articles written by medical students from UC Davis College of Medicine and Michigan State University College of Human Medicine.

Published on date: January 1, 2015

Senior Editor: N/A

Junior Editor: N/A

DOI: Pending

Citation: Wummel JL, Mettler JC. Letter From the Editors. Medical Student Research Journal. 2015;4(Winter):51.

References: N/A

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