Spring 2014 – The Anatomy of a Patient

The Anatomy of a Patient.

Author: Scott C. Mauch

Author Affiliations: College of Human Medicine, Michigan State University, Grand Rapids, MI, USA

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Corresponding author: Scott C. Mauch; scott.mauch[at]gmail.com

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Abstract: My grandfather passed away the day after Christmas in 2012. He was a brilliant man who practiced medicine for several decades. During that time, he delivered thousands of babies, and even performed the amniocentesis on my mother when I was a fetus. Yet, in his last months, his failing health did not convey this brilliance. Parkinson’s disease and other neurological issues prevented my grandfather from speaking quickly or coherently. This was tough to witness, but it taught me an important lesson: there is much more to a patient than just the information contained in his/her medical file. This concept was the inspiration for my artwork.

Published on date: May 31, 2014

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Citation: Mauch SC. Anatomy of a Patient. Medical Student Research Journal. 2014;3(Spring):45-6.

References: Original artwork inspired by “Study of an Older Man” by John Norman Stewart, 2010 and Musculature of the face with the orbit of the eye” by Nicolas Henri Jacob, 1831.