Malignant Chondroid Syringoma of the Foot – A Case Report

Authors: Megan Masten, MS41*, Raouf Mikhail, MD2

Author Affiliations:

1Michigan State University College of Human Medicine, Flint, Michigan, United States
2Surgical Oncologist, Hurley Medical Center, Flint, Michigan

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*Corresponding Author: Megan Masten;

Key Words: Malignant; chondroid; syringoma; foot; adnexal cancer; cutaneous tumor


Background: This case report is about a very rare tumor – a malignant chondroid syringoma. The objective of this piece is to review both the case presented along with the current literature on cutaneous adnexal tumors.

Case Presentation: The patient is a 73-year-old Caucasian female with a past medical history of treated colon and breast cancer who presented with a 2-year history of a slow-growing, painful cutaneous lesion on the medial aspect of her right foot. The patient presented to her primary care physician (PCP) for right foot pain, which was attributed to bunions. The PCP encouraged the patient to see a podiatrist for this issue. Upon presentation to the podiatrist, the patient had a right foot biopsy. The pathology report showed a mixed malignant chondroid syringoma with positive margins. A re-excision to ensure complete removal was recommended. The patient presented to surgical oncology and subsequently she underwent complete excision of the right foot mass. At the time of her last visit, 7 months postoperatively, the patient continued to have issues with wound healing and continuous drainage of her surgical wound.

Discussion: This case differs from much of the current literature surrounding cutaneous adnexal tumors as it is a malignant chondroid syringoma of the foot, which is exceedingly rare. There are only three other published case reports of similar malignancies in similar places. This case study is important due to the uniqueness of the case. This case serves as a reminder of the importance of biopsy for diagnosis prior to management, as it is unlikely that such rare soft tissue tumors can be diagnosed without biopsy.

Conclusion: The take away lesson of the case is that it is important to biopsy unknown masses, and to have follow up with specific specialists.

Published: Spring, 2019


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