Fall 2014 – A Review of the Psychological and Emotional Issues in Men with Prostate Cancer and their Partners

A Review of the Psychological and Emotional Issues in Men with Prostate Cancer and their Partners.

Author: Dane E. Klett

Author Affiliations: School of Medicine, Creighton University, Phoenix, AZ, USA

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Corresponding Author: Dane E. Klett

Key Words: sexual health; relationships; intimacy; radiotherapy; psycho-supportive treatment; hormone therapy.

Abstract: Howard L. Harrod on his struggles with prostate cancer (PCa): ‘Not only had I a sense of having been mutilated, but I had lost the very capacities that were symbolically associated with manhood’.1 Many patients with PCa experience this jolt to their sense of manhood, thus making PCa unique among the various cancer diagnoses and worthy of independent discussion.
In addition, PCa remains the most common male cancer and the third leading cause of all male cancer deaths.2 Most physicians are aware of the link between cancer and mental health issues, but many forget or overlook just how important it is to address a patient’s state of mental health.

Published on date: September 31, 2014

Senior Editor: Caela Hesano

Junior Editor: Regina Mater

DOI: Pending

Citation: Klett DE. A Review of the Psychological and Emotional Issues in Men with Prostate Cancer and their Partners. Medical Student Research Journal. 2014;4(Fall):4-7.


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