How to Submit

Before you submit, refer to our manuscript reporting guidelines in our blog post: Manuscript Reporting Guidelines 

1. If you are familiar with our system, the button on the right will take you to the MSRJ Submission System:

MSRJ Submission System

2. Are you new to the submission system? View a video tutorial here:

Video Tutorial

3. After watching the video, click here and follow along below:

MSRJ Submission System



Step 1.  Visit our submission system by clicking the MSRJ Submission Button above and follow along below.

Submission - 1. Submission Page




Step 2: Welcome to our submission page!  Click on the link to register for an account.

Submission - 2. Register an Account




Step 3: Complete registration form.  (*) Denotes required fields.

Submission - 3. Registration Information




Step 4: Check “Author” box to submit as an author.

Submission - 4. Check the box to be an author




Step 5: Log-in with your new username and password.

Submission - 5. Log In with new Username




Step 6: Click on “Author” role.

Submission - 6. Click the Author Role




Step 7: Click on the link (“click here”) to start a new submission.

Submission - 7. Click to Start a New Submission




Step 8-9: Choose the category of your submission from the drop-down menu and check off items under “Submission Checklist”.

Submission - 8-9. Decide the Category of your submission, check off Submission Checklist




Step 10-11: Copyright notice and comments for the editor.

Submission - 10-11. Agree with Copyright Notice, Make Comments for the Editor




Step 12: Upload your submission.

Submission - 12. Upload your submission




Step 13. Enter information regarding the authors of your submission.  You can add additional authors by clicking the “Add Author” button.

Submission - 13. Add Author Information




Step 14: Enter title, abstract, and keywords.

Submission - 14. Add Title and Abstract, Add Keywords




Step 15: Enter contributors/supporting agencies and references.

Submission - 15. Add Agencies and References




Step 16: If necessary, upload any additional files to supplement your submission.  If no additional files are being uploaded, click “Save and continue”.

Submission - 16. Add Suplementary files if necessary




Step 17: Your submission is almost complete. If you are satisfied with how you entered the information, click “Finish Submission”.

Submission - 17. Finalize Submission, or click above to go back




Step 18: Return to “Author” role to manage your submission.

Submission - 18. Go back to Author Role and Manage Active Submissions




Questions about the submission system and and problems with submitting your manuscript can be directed to our contact page. MSRJ Contact Page